7 Best AI Recruiting Tools & Software to Consider in 2024

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It looks like AI recruiting tools are here to stay. Almost 90% of HR professionals say they're experimenting with this technology in their work, most of them on a daily basis.

If you're considering doing the same, chances are you're overwhelmed by the number of choices and different types of available solutions. How do you pick the right AI capabilities for your needs without overpaying for technology you might never use? We're here to answer that question.

In this article, we'll explore seven of the best AI recruiting tools to help you take talent acquisition to the next level and build a team of well-suited high performers.

7 best AI Recruiting Tools: A Detailed Overview


Best AI recruiting tools: VireUp dashboard VireUp is an AI recruiting software that uses video interviewing and modern artificial intelligence technology. It streamlines the recruiting process to help hiring managers find the best talent, focus on skills-first hiring and consequently add up to 20 times more suitable candidates to your talent pool. This tool lets you interview every single one of them against the same set of competency-based questions.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set up the job interview with specific competency-based and technical questions and selection criteria.

  2. Share the link to the video interview with potential candidates manually or via the VireUp platform.

  3. Give applicants time to record and send their answers to your questions all by themselves. No need to supervise them.

  4. Leverage VireUp technology to analyze all the video interviews sentence by sentence with explainable AI. This solution can rank thousands of respondents in a fraction of the time it would take even the best team of HR specialists.

  5. Easily identify the best prospects in a transparent dashboard that summarizes information about the most relevant candidates matching your criteria and even points out the red flags.

Don't worry – implementing an AI recruiting tool doesn't make the hiring process completely devoid of human interaction. Glen Cathey, SVP of Workforce Advisory & Digital Strategy at Randstad, says, “For the foreseeable future of recruiting, humans will still play an essential role. Humanness still matters, especially for hard-to-fill jobs, and the core of that is empathy.”, and we agree. See VireUp as a force multiplier for your team that expands your bandwidth.

Almost 70% of recruiters say they're optimistic about the impact of this technology on HR – precisely for Cathey's reasoning. It can save time and let HR teams focus on the most human aspects of their jobs, such as interaction with candidates and employees.

VireUp’s explainable AI gives you a list of the most suitable candidates (with reasons) and an English-speaking level assessment, which takes place in parallel while the candidates answer your interview questions. You can then analyze the most qualified candidates or change your criteria and browse through the responses. This gives you the option to look into many more applications in detail than you could with traditional interviewing methods.

The final step would be to schedule interviews in real time with your top talent picks and fill your job postings!


  • Competency-based questions: VireUp provides you with a bank of queries for different positions to choose from, or you can write your own.
  • Explainable AI: This technology reviews every single sentence and provides recruiters with logical conclusions, even pinpointing red flags that might not have been included in the initial criteria. Explainable AI examples
  • Automatic spoken English assessment: VireUp’s AI assistant recognizes various accents and gives an English-speaking level score to each candidate. Spoken English assessment
  • Coaching-level feedback: Improve your company's reputation by eliminating impersonal “we regret to inform you” messages and substituting them with actionable feedback about each candidate's performance. Coaching level feedback example
  • Candidate satisfaction survey: VireUp helps you improve your recruitment process by giving a voice to the applicants and asking them how you can do better with the next hiring round.

Metro case study

Let us illustrate this better with one of VireUp’s clients' case studies – Metro, an international retail company operating in over 30 countries with over 4,500 employees.

They reached out to VireUp to help them handle hundreds of applications they receive for their annual internship program. It would be hard for their talent management team to review and interview everyone. Yet, they wanted to make sure they gave each candidate a fair chance.

Here's how VireUp helped:

  • Over 500 interviews were conducted and analysed within just a few weeks
  • 25 talented interns were hired
  • Six times more candidate throughput achieved than in previous years
  • 50% less recruitment lead time
  • 4.6/5 rating of the process from candidates
  • 91% average candidate CSAT score

Metro feedback


VireUp helps you save thousands of dollars by automating the recruitment process. It takes the same resource input from you to assess 100 or 10,000 potential job candidates. Let's say you wanted to ask 10,000 candidates five questions and provide up to four minutes for each response. That gives you over $85,000 in savings.

Savings calculator

Now, you have two options to find out more:

  1. Book a meeting with one of the representatives from VireUp to discuss your particular situation and needs.

  2. Create your free demo account and enjoy your first 20 AI-technology-powered interviews for free.


AI recruiting tools: MyInterview Source: Capterra

Another piece of AI recruiting software is myInterview. It also allows candidates to express themselves freely via video interviews.

Applicants answer pre-defined interview questions within the time window you choose. You can also set the available number of re-takes for each response or experiment with a time limit for question viewing before recording.

The platform also supports timed text and multiple-choice questions you can mix into your candidate assessment interviews. Additional options include templates for questions and notifications.


  • One-way interviews: They're optimized in terms of accessibility and let you determine limits for retakes, answering times and question viewing; the Professional plan also allows text responses.
  • myInterview Intelligence: This AI solution includes automated shortlisting, keyword search within videos and a machine learning personality assessment.
  • Candidate Experience Platform: This is a place where candidates can meet your team via pictures or videos, answer questions about themselves and schedule interviews.
  • Candidate management: You can view applicant analytics, comments, ratings and video transcriptions in a Kanban-style dashboard.

MyInterview smart shortlisting Source: Capterra


myInterview has an Individual and Professional plan, but no pricing information is available on the website.


AI recruiting tools: Fetcher Source: G2

Fetcher works differently than our first two picks, as it's a candidate-sourcing tool rather than video interviewing software. It's great at automating top-of-the-funnel hiring tasks to provide you with a long list of potentially matching candidate profiles.

An additional bonus is that the AI becomes smarter over time – it learns your preferences and becomes better at identifying the best potential candidates for you.


  • Talent sourcing: Fetcher leverages AI technology to match candidates from job boards and career sites with the keywords that interest you, giving you a list of applicants you should reach out to.
  • Automated outreach: Next, you can set automated and personalized outbound email campaigns to contact your prospects.
  • Candidate engagement: Fetcher AI tracks the responses to your messages and identifies the most interested candidates.
  • Smart analytics: The dashboard gives you insights into candidate engagement levels, diversity funnel performance and potential areas for improvement.

Fetcher estimates Source: G2


Fetcher is most affordable with yearly payments that include a 20% discount compared to monthly billing:

  • Free: Up to 50 profiles per month
  • Growth: $149/user/month
  • Amplify: $549/user/month


AI recruiting tools: iMocha Source: Capterra

iMocha is skill assessment software designed to help you make informed hiring decisions. It lets you combine current industry data, internal organizational information and user inputs to create a (soft and hard) skills inventory for your company. You can use this for both – the hiring process and training existing employees.

There is also a video assessment tool available for interviewing potential candidates. However, its focus is more on cheating prevention than speech analysis.


  • Skills Intelligence: This solution identifies skills gaps within your company, helps to match skills in your system with business demand, benchmarks skill proficiency and keeps an updated skills inventory.
  • Talent acquisition: This tool focuses on skills-first candidate matching using the iMocha AI pre-assessment.
  • Cheating prevention: iMocha leverages AI to verify candidate IDs, detect faces during interviews, identify cheating instances and intensity, randomize questions, patrol browser violations and protect screen integrity.
  • Talent analytics: Access intuitive dashboards with recruitment metrics and candidate data visualized as graphs and pipelines for measuring your effectiveness and candidate engagement.
  • Talent management: This solution also lets you take care of your existing employees, helping you with onboarding, upskilling and reskilling.

iMocha assessment profile Source: Capterra


There is no pricing information available.


AI recruiting tools: HireVue Source: G2

HireVue is an end-to-end hiring software and platform that helps you find potential where it's usually overlooked. Job seekers participate in interviews, gamified challenges and technical assessments while AI (backed by IO Psychology best practices and Data Science) ranks their fit and potential.

There's also a Find My Fit feature that helps to match candidates to the roles that suit them best – not just the one they apply for.


  • Video interviewing: HireVue facilitates on-demand and live interviewing with real-time evaluation, automated routing, guides and sharable recordings.
  • Assessments: This recruiting software combines AI video interviewing with game-based pre-employment tests to keep candidates engaged; it assesses interests, personality, work styles and background.
  • Conversational AI: The AI Hiring Assistant matches candidates with available job titles they suit best, takes them through each step of the hiring process, updates their status in your ATS and helps prevent ghosting with automated messaging.
  • Scheduling: You can set rules for every job opening to automatically invite potential employees to the next hiring steps, integrate calendars and allow candidates to self-schedule.
  • Structured Interview Builder: This platform gives you access to well-structured templates and questions created with IO psychologists that help you stay fair and consistent.
  • Text Recruiting: Set up an SMS campaign to engage or reengage talent with personalized, one-on-one or bulk messaging.

HireVue assessment Source: G2


There is no pricing information available.


AI recruiting tools: Manatal Source: Capterra

Manatal was designed to help with recruitment processes – from sourcing to onboarding. It doesn't have a video assessment functionality. Rather, it works as recruitment software that helps you manage your hiring pipeline, post jobs on various channels, match talent to relevant job openings and enrich candidate profiles with social media data.

This AI recruiting software facilitates collaborative hiring with permission management, progress sharing, team chat and notes, to-do lists and centralized communication (including email).


  • Candidate sourcing: Manatal browses through job boards, social media platforms, LinkedIn and your career page to create comprehensive candidate profiles.
  • Recruitment CRM: Centralize all your client data, create a commercial pipeline, manage communications and track revenue connected to jobs, clients and recruiters.
  • ATS: The interactive, customizable applicant tracking system can be organized in Kanban or list views for easy organization of resume details, messages, annotations and feedback; there's also a search functionality, automated CV reformatting, onboarding milestones, candidate assessments and messaging.
  • AI recommendations: This feature matches the most suitable candidates to the best jobs for them and vice versa, based on skills, experience, education or other conditions you specify.
  • Reports and analytics: All your recruiting data is visualized in your main dashboard, including information about placements, candidates, jobs and hiring team performance.

Manatal analytics Source: G2


Manatal offers monthly and (discounted) annual plans, plus a 14-day free trial. All features are available in each one, but the lowest tier has candidates and jobs per account limits. You can choose from:

  • Professional Plan: From $15/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: From $35/user/month
  • Custom Plan: Includes custom features and integrations


AI recruiting tools: Humanly Source: Humanly website

Humanly is not a video recruitment tool but it can help you analyze recordings. This solution focuses primarily on conversational AI that can aid you in hiring at scale.

It handles the bulk of your conversations and automates scheduling interviews. The technology works off your company data and FAQs to provide candidates with accurate, relevant and trustworthy information. You can also use it to automate interview note-taking and interview scheduling.


  • Screening and scheduling: AI can handle vetting and scheduling, provide applicants with accurate answers to their questions, take candidates through the next steps and keep track of the recruitment process status.
  • Candidate engagement: Conversational artificial intelligence provides customizable, engaging chat interactions that help you take care of your employer brand with minimum effort; this technology considers your existing engagement data and provides conversation analytics.
  • AI Interview Assistant: This tool generates summaries that you can use in place of an interview evaluation form, sends follow-up emails with interview insights and gives recruiters objective information about trends and struggles that arise in candidate conversations.

Humanly analytics Source: Humanly website


No pricing information is available on the Humanly website.

Best AI recruiting tools: Comparison table

ToolFeaturesPricingBest for
VireUpCompetency-based questions Explainable AI Automatic spoken English assessment Coaching-level feedback Candidate satisfaction surveyN/AInterviewing all applicants and choosing the best fit with explainable AI
myInterviewCustomizable one-way video interviews myInterview Intelligence Candidate Experience Platform Candidate managementN/AAutomated shortlisting and personality assessment
FetcherTalent sourcing Automated outreach Candidate engagement Smart analyticsFrom $149/user/monthSourcing candidates and automating outreach
iMochaSkills Intelligence Talent acquisition Cheating prevention Talent analytics Talent managementN/AData-driven skills-first hiring and smart cheating prevention
HireVueVideo interviewing Gamified assessments Conversational AI Scheduling Structured Interview Builder Text RecruitingN/ACreating a fun, fast and fair assessment experience
ManatalCandidate sourcing Recruitment CRM ATS AI recommendations Reports and analyticsFrom $15/user/monthCombining your sourcing efforts, ATS and recruitment CRM into one platform
HumanlyScreening Scheduling Candidate engagement AI Interview AssistantN/AAutomating candidate conversations, engagement and scheduling


Modern AI recruiting tools are explainable and auditable. That means the future of work isn't about letting robots think for us. Rather, it's all about getting them to do the hard work so hiring managers can make better, more informed and strategic decisions. This strategic reallocation of resources allows recruiters to invest their energy and time in engaging with suitable candidates on a deeper level and to provide a much more substantial contribution to their organizations.

Smart candidate matching focuses on skills-first hiring instead of using outdated criteria or unconscious bias, and together with explainable AI and Natural Language Processing ensures a fair and transparent recruitment process. 

If you want to upgrade your HR efforts with the best AI-based recruiting tools, we suggest starting with VireUp. Sign up to run your first 20 interviews for free.


What is an AI recruitment tool?

AI recruiting tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sure your talent acquisition efforts yield as good results as possible. They help to eliminate unconscious bias and diversify the workplace. Modern recruitment agencies use them to save time and money on candidate screening and analysis.

What is the best recruiting tool?

It all depends on your company's needs. If you're looking for an easy-to-use video interviewing software with explainable AI, VireUp could be the best option for making the most out of your recruiting efforts. It helps talent acquisition teams review all applicants and rate them against the same competency-based criteria.

How is AI used in recruitment?

Recruiting teams can use AI to:

  • Source candidates
  • Screen resumes
  • Interview candidates
  • Interact with candidates
  • Create and post job descriptions

How to implement AI in HR?

The first step is to choose the right AI-powered recruiting tools for your needs. If you want to interview as many candidates as possible and give each of them a fair chance to apply, VireUp is your option. It's easily implementable – start by creating a free account or scheduling a call, and we'll guide you through the next steps.