How to crack video interviews: 7 Golden Rules

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Especially during the pandemic video interviews became more and more popular due to compatibility with remote work, easy logistics and cost savings.

They can be synchronous (meeting the recruiter live) or asynchronous (applicant’s responses are recorded to be reviewed by the recruiter or an Artificial Intelligence solution such as VireUp)

Video interviews can give an applicant a chance to make a positive first impression and to have a real shot at the position they are applying to.

However, as you would expect from any new technology, they introduce a slightly different experience from the typical person to person interviews.

No need to worry though; those interviews are not rocket science. A few golden rules can help you make out the most. We have listed these golden rules based on our experience:

Golden Rule #1: Always try the practice interview

  • You may be an amazing interviewee BUT if a practice interview is offered, please do not skip it
  • A practice interview will help you to get used to the interface
  • If there are any technical problems, you can identify and solve them BEFORE the actual video interview
  • Contact the recruiter or the video interview provider if you have any technical issues

Golden Rule #2: Always check the technology

  • Make sure you have a steady internet connection. Try to learn tethering your computer to your phone if it provides a more stable connection
  • Try to use the latest browser version
  • Keep your computer updated
  • If you have a laptop, make sure to plug it to power

Golden Rule #3: Plan and deliver your response carefully

  • Do a research about common interview questions
  • Do a research about the recruiter and try to understand the job requirements
  • Keep a printout of your CV to remind yourself any specific experience
  • Keep a pen and paper to take notes
  • NEVER NEVER NEVER do plagiarism and just use your own answers. Checks help to catch plagiarism and may cause the applicant to be blacklisted
  • Read the questions carefully. If a question guides you by describing expected answer elements, follow those instructions while giving your answer
  • Use the thinking time for each question carefully and plan your response well
  • Answer every question! It is crucial to answer each question in detail and avoid skipping questions during job interviews conducted with AI technology to ensure accurate analysis.

Golden Rule #4: Timing is everything

  • Do not wait until the deadline. If you have technical issue or miscalculate the time requirement for the interview, you may miss the deadline
  • Choose a time slot in which you can answer the questions without interruption
  • Try not to record your interview late at night, when you are too tired or too distracted. Your state might affect your performance
  • If the platform allows you to save your responses and exit without submitting, use it to your advantage. If you do not have one block of time to finish the interview, whenever you find the time, record one or two answers and continue when you are available again. Of course, this is not mandatory. Ideally, if you can finish in one sitting, please do so while you are concentrated
  • While answering questions, you do not need to fill all the given time by repeating yourself. Moreover, running out of time with an unfinished sentence may seem like you are not good at time management
  • Between the questions, you can take a break before opening the next question. Keep an eye on the deadline though

Golden Rule #5: Quality over quantity

  • Speak clearly so that every word you say can be understood and interpreted accurately
  • Use short and well structured sentences
  • Do not speak too fast because the words can be muddled up and you might come across as too nervous
  • Do not repeat your statements. Focus on the quality of your response rather than the number of sentences
  • When you refer to the recruiter or any proper name, make sure you pronounce their name correctly
  • No need to waste your precious answer time by saying “Hello”, introducing yourself and even repeating the question. Recruiters and the AI already know who you are and what question you are answering

Golden Rule #6: Pick a suitable room and seat

  • To ensure audio quality stay close to the microphone without touching it and stay away from all background noise where possible. The following are some common sources of background noise: An open window, noise from TV or radio, conversation of other people
  • To ensure video quality try to stay in proper light if you can
  • Take a comfortable seat at a desk and look professional
  • Keep a glass of still water nearby
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages before or during the interview
  • If you have a pet around you, make sure that you are not distracted by their presence while recording

Golden Rule #7: Keep a professional attitude

  • Never ever talk badly about your old colleagues or company
  • If you really feel the urge to criticize someone, never never tell his or her name
  • Being excited is understandable but where possible try to control your body language and avoid wobbling a pen or tapping the desk. These might distract evaluator or indicate excessive nervousness
  • Don't wear too casual clothes
  • Remember that this is a job interview. A professional appearance is important