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Natural Language Processing based AI to analyze every sentence of job interviews, making recruitment efficient and transparent

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VireUp can provide:


Faster recruitment cycle time


Reduction in candidate dissatisfaction


Reduction in recruitment costs

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Generate customized interviews, and allow our

Natural Language Processing

based AI to surface the best candidates for you

Easily setup interviews in

3 simple steps

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Set up the job interview

Develop a job interview with your chosen questions and selection criteria to short-list top candidates

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Share the interview link with candidates

Distribute the link to all applicants manually or through VireUp's platform

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Choose the best candidates

Leverage VireUp's groundbreaking analysis on easy-to-understand dashboards to identify the best candidates by interpreting and ranking thousands of interview responses

We think you will


these features

Beyond basic keyword search

Our explainable AI evaluates each candidate sentence with evidence, uncovering hidden talent while eliminating bias and minimizing compliance risks

Skip viewing countless interview videos

Let our AI handle it- VireUp analyzes thousands of responses and detects the critical traits you require

Simultaneous English Language assessment

VireUp assesses English language competence during the interview eliminating additional costly tests

More than job interviews

We extract actionable insights from employee satisfaction survey comments instead of restrictive 1-5 scoring

The dark side of traditional recruitment

Average hiring cost

  • $4,700 per full-time employee

Lack of resources

  • Less than 8 seconds to review a resume

  • Only 2% of candidates are interviewed

  • 25 days the interview process

Poor Decisions

  • 74% of employers impacted

  • $14,900 average expense of a poor hire

No transparency

  • 75% of candidates are ghosted

  • 86% of all applicants want feedback


the hiring costs

and make



  • Avoid making poor decisions
  • Provide transparency to applicants
  • Use resources effectively
  • Reduce the cost of hiring
  • Eliminate bias


companies hire


people with VireUp

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Why the old


are not
good enough

Cultural transformation

  • We now live in a ZOOM-centric world

  • Virtual interviews have become the norm

Greater talent acquisition challenges

  • Power has transitioned from recruiters to candidates

  • Candidates yearn for feedback and more insight

Tech shift

  • ChatGPT raises the bar for AI interaction expectations

  • The aspiration is dynamic conversational interviews

Regulatory changes

  • AI regulation is imminent

  • Providers will need to have explainable AI

"Effortless AI-powered recruitment for identifying top talent"


  • Is there a product demo?

    Yes! We can easily provide a demo account. All you need to do is to click the link here. Following a brief call with us to exlore your interview needs and a brief introduction to the platform, we will grant you access quickly.
  • Are there recommended interview questions and criteria in VireUp platform, or should I create everything myself?

    While creating a new interview on VireUp platform, we provide you tons of flexibility! We can: 1) recommend interview questions and criteria relevant to your needs 2) upload your own interview questions and criteria to the platform for your interview 3) analyse your competency frameworks and create custom made interviews for you
  • Why should I use VireUp?

    VireUp AI technology enables you to streamline your recruitment process. It allows you to interview every single applicant (literally thousands) against identical professional competency-based interview questions. It makes the whole process effortless and improves cycle time by 40% and reduces the cost of recruitment by 45%!
  • As a recruiter, can I test my interview myself before sending it to candidates?

    Yes you can! You can define yourself as a candidate and can experience it yourself before sending the link to the candidates. In this way, you can both see what kind of journey the candidates are going through and test various parameters such as whether the time you have given to the questions is sufficient.
  • Can I save drafts of questions on VireUp and go back to edit before releasing?

    Yes, you can save the interview as draft and work on it in as many sessions as you need. You can release it when you feel ready!
  • How can I upload candidates to the system?

    You can upload candidates to the system both manually one by one or as a.xlsx or.csv file. On the page where you will add the candidates, there is a template that you can download and fill out so that the system can automatically load the candidates!
  • How can I see the interview results for my recruitment project?

    After all the candidates have completed their interviews you will be able to see the results. Every interview question is scored against the criteria you selected and all the applicants are ranked against each other. You get access to an easy-to-navigate dashboard of the results that you can dive into in order to understand the reasoning for the scores. You should hold onto your hat for this part!

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