Amazing New Spoken English Assessment Functionality With VireUp!

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Lucy Bennell

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So excited to announce that @VireUp AI now does even more!  VireUp can now assess candidates’ level of spoken English! And it is super beneficial, especially for clients running global recruitment campaigns, building large off-shore teams, and/or hiring nomads who work anywhere around the world!

As you know @VireUp already:

  • enables client organizations to interview an entire applicant pool, against professional competency-based questions, analyzing every interview sentence by sentence
  • provides standardization and ranking and clear data that is impossible with human-to-human interviews
  • allows clients to make shortlisting decisions before seeing candidates, hearing their voices, knowing their names, or looking at their CVs – completely eliminating bias
  • provides coaching level interview feedback to every single applicant – literally 1000’s

But now, as the result of a seemingly impossible request from a client:

  • VireUp can now assess candidates’ level of spoken English!

Our client said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could use your tech to assess English capability?” And then VireUp’s AI genius co-founder (@Arda Celebi, Ph.D.) incorporated this functionality into the tool!

The spoken English assessment is carried out in the background by @VireUp AI, using candidates’ interview answers. This eliminates the need to organize expensive English language tests that add steps and bureaucracy to your global recruitment campaign.

The scoring is built on a range of English language capability and, as usual with @VireUp, no dark mysterious scary algorithm working in the background. @VireUp gives you all the data that justifies the scores.

With VireUp the AI does the data work and the human being makes the non-biased, informed decision. And now for spoken English ability as well!

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