Video Assessment With VireUp: What Benefits Can It Bring?

Video assessment

If you're in the 47% of hiring professionals with reservations about fully trusting AI tools to handle your HR processes, you came to the right place. We’re here to dispel those doubts.

For instance, video recruitment automation with explainable AI lets you engage candidates in the screening process without your participation but with specific explanations and evidence for all of AI’s conclusions. As a result, you can have confidence in the outcome of the AI-generated conclusions and even audit and calibrate them if you need to. 

You spend the same amount of time setting up the questions and criteria, no matter the number of people who apply. All of them will get the chance to prove themselves in an interview and get reviewed. That’s just the tip of how AI can improve your recruiting. The opportunities are immense. 

In this article, we'll clear any uncertainties you may have about implementing video assessment interview software. Learn how to leverage video assessments to always hire top talent faster.

Video assessment with VireUp: Key benefits

VireUp is an innovative video skill assessment software. What does that mean? You do not need to waste time sitting in countless interviews or sifting through thousands of videos. This video software sorts through them for you and identifies the best candidates for you using your own criteria. 

Plus, it's easy to set up. Just follow these three easy steps:

  • Set up the job interview with your questions and selection criteria
  • Share the link with all your candidates, manually or via VireUp
  • Choose the best applicants using our easy-to-understand dashboards and thoroughly explained rankings

We created this tool to help you streamline the recruiting process and make wiser hiring decisions by eliminating unconscious bias. Our interview assessment software allows you to interview every applicant and reports all their hard and soft abilities as well as specific experiences.

This makes it perfect for a skills-first hiring strategy. A practical approach lets you expand your talent search to include almost ten times as many eligible workers for roles.

It's also much less stressful for candidates than in-person or live Zoom interviews because with VireUp, they have time to prepare and record answers at their convenience and do not need to worry about the hassle of a trip to the interview location. That means you get their best performance instead of the stress-driven, shaky responses that do not show the actual potential of the candidate.

This solution is even ideal for building a multinational team and breaking geographical barriers. Candidates don't have to worry about time differences or availability. It's also valuable for people who juggle their careers with family needs or other commitments.

Just like any new solution, it naturally comes with some concerns. What about cheating possibilities, you ask? We implemented clever mechanisms that check the uniqueness of every submitted answer. There will be a warning flag if an applicant is suspected to have copied their answer from somewhere else.

Optimizing the hiring process with our AI recruiting tool can provide:

  • 80% reduction in candidate dissatisfaction
  • 45% lower recruitment costs
  • 40% faster time to hire

Let us explain in more detail how such software can achieve this.

Screening an entire applicant pool against competency-based questions and custom criteria

It’s easy to get started with VireUp. The first step is to inform the AI about your needs. You can define your hiring criteria and requirements. You have complete freedom in this aspect, just like in a traditional interview process.

Don’t know what to ask your candidates? You can choose the questions from our repository or add your own prompts.

This approach replaces messy, unstructured interviews with standardized questions and a reusable and digital database. To assure fairness, all candidates are evaluated based on the same criteria. You can focus on anything and everything, including:

  • Work experience
  • Job-specific technical competencies
  • Communication abilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Cultural fit
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Level of initiative
  • Career ambitions and alignment
  • Collaboration abilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Ethical behavior and integrity
  • Time management and organizational abilities
  • Motivation and enthusiasm
  • Leadership potential

Sticking to competency-based questions and unbiased criteria has more advantages than meets the eye. Let’s explore.

An inclusive, diverse workforce without prejudice

In 2024, 75% of hiring managers will focus on creating a more varied workspace in terms of:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Immigrants
  • Veterans
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabilities

Regarding this trend, Trish Steed, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, says, "Making increased commitments to diversity hiring is an important first step for organizations, but they also need to back up statements with actions, like using modern recruiting technology to facilitate blind screening and interview reviews."

That’s because, despite genuine attempts to mitigate bias, unconscious prejudice still exists. Surveys show that almost 70% of respondents are influenced by a candidate's education in their hiring decisions. Over half of recruiters say they can be swayed by seeing a similar background.

AI algorithms are the perfect solution to this problem because these technologies can assess candidates based on skills rather than outdated criteria like formal degrees.

Easy scaling and huge savings

A standardized approach makes video assessment more consistent and fair but also helps you scale your interviewing.

With VireUp, you do the same amount of work whether you plan to interview 50 or 5,000 candidates. Our technology can assess people based on many indicators – many more than any human HR specialist could. No matter how many people you intend to interview, no talent will ever go unnoticed.

Screening more candidates doesn't mean spending more time and resources on recruiting. Say you plan to ask each applicant six questions and expect about two or three minutes of talking time per response – that's roughly $42,000 and countless hours saved thanks to streamlining the hiring process.

Video assessment savings

Interview sentence-level analysis with explainable AI

A basic keyword search isn't enough to judge a candidate's personality and unique abilities. Our explainable AI does much more – it evaluates every single sentence. For every conclusion you see in your dashboard, there is an in-depth, logical explanation you can audit and analyze. Thanks to this feature, you can even explore positive and negative evidence of qualities that aren't necessarily a part of your initial criteria set.

Let us explain this further:

VireUp presents the ranking of all applicants in a clear, visual dashboard. You can explore each of the candidates in more detail if you wish. VireUp’s dashboard can replace an interview evaluation form traditionally used to track your candidates' key suitability factors.

VireUp dashboard

VireUp shows you which parts of the transcript match your hiring criteria. It gives you an explanation of its logical conclusions that you can either accept or reject. The report also includes red flags marking particularly potentially risky or worrying parts of the statements. Again, you can include or exclude these.

VireUp video assessment

Our video interview software doesn't make the hiring decision for you! It is a decision support tool: it allows you to make the best, wisest choice by filtering out great candidates and eliminating time-consuming HR tasks like conducting interviews. 

Here's something to illustrate those savings – in 2023, recruiters spent roughly 27 hours in interviews per hire. An AI video assessment tool eliminates this entirely, freeing up space in your schedule to carefully analyze the results. The AI takes care of your pre-screening process as well as the first round of interviews. Of course, you can schedule additional interview rounds to talk to your top picks in person. However, this way, you spend only a fraction of that time with the best candidates.

Candidates’ spoken English evaluation

We mentioned the possibility of building a multinational team of experts from around the globe. So what happens when you find a great professional who turns out to have unsatisfactory English skills? With VireUp, this will not be an issue.

The program does an English evaluation automatically during the video interview and benchmarks the results against other candidates. It analyzes aspects like:

  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Vocabulary
  • Repetitions
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation 

However, there's no judging anyone based on their accent, which allows candidates to express themselves freely.

VireUp language analysis

The tool understands that there can be different pronunciations of words. If the program has trouble deciphering what someone said, it simply highlights this part for our team to verify manually. As it befits AI, it adds such corrections to its library to remember this for the future and becomes smarter with every use.

Coaching-level interview feedback

Since VireUp already analyzed every candidate, there's no reason to discard this information after you make a hiring decision. This video interviewing tool lets you create personalized feedback and send it to everybody who participated in your hiring processes. The feedback is at coaching level detail (i.e., it indicates what answers elements are strong or poor and even what else could be said) and can be provided for every single answer.  That means no more ghosting or impersonal emails negatively impacting the candidate experience and your employer brand.

This is a way for AI to help you add a human touch and transparency, showing your candidates that you value their time and effort. Give back to your applicants with actionable tips on how they can improve and better prepare for other job roles they apply for.

VireUp interview feedback

What's more, we share with you the feedback from the candidates about the interview process, too. We include a candidate satisfaction survey at the end of every interview to see how well we did and that gives you actionable insights into how to improve the screening process in the future.

Video assessment case study: Metro & VireUp collaboration

Metro is an international retail company founded in 1964 that now operates in over 30 countries and has more than 4,500 employees. Each year, they launch their prestigious internship program. Due to its popularity, Metro receives thousands of applications. It's simply impossible for the team to review and interview them all. This time, they were determined to take advantage of every precious talent. That's why they reached out to VireUp.

Our video interview platform allowed them to review over 500 applications within a few weeks. This resulted in:

  • 25 interns hired for ten departments
  • Six times more candidate throughput
  • 50% less recruitment lead time

However, the hiring managers weren’t the only ones enjoying the benefits. The hires and candidates also appreciated this innovative interview process. Over 260 applicants rated their experience at 4.6/5. The total candidate CSAT score was an impressive 91%. These impressive results are partly due to the in-depth performance feedback you can email to potential hires instead of a cold “you didn't make the cut” message.

Metro case study

This is one of many use cases we're proud of. Our clients at Coca-Cola İçecek achieved similarly great results – a 93% interview participation level and a candidate satisfaction score of 4.7/5 stars. Alarko Holding saw an 87% interview participation level and a 4.7/5-star rating of the platform.


Having some reservations about implementing AI in such a human-centric industry as HR is natural. However, VireUp doesn't eliminate the need to hire teams and human professionals. It makes their jobs easier.

Instead of spending hours or even days reviewing applications and scheduling interviews only to talk to about 2% of all the talented people who applied, you can now simply review the objective rankings. This helps to consider more candidates and create a more diverse workforce with zero bias about who gets the role.

Book a meeting with our team to learn more about how you can make your hiring process effortlessly efficient and improve your recruitment metrics.


What is a video-based assessment?

Video assessment uses technology to evaluate and screen candidates instead of interviewing them in person. In a live video interview, candidates and interviewers connect in real time through video conferencing platforms. This approach allows face-to-face interaction, even if the participants are not in the same location.

Another way to do this is with an asynchronous video assessment. The only difference is that nobody from your team has to participate. The candidates get questions and tasks which they have to record. You can review them independently or use explainable AI and Natural Language Processing to judge the candidates' capabilities and cultural fit.

What is a video assessment test?

Video pre-employment tests involve candidates showcasing their abilities, personality and potential fit through a video. Choose questions that assess a range of skills, including communication abilities, problem-solving, situational judgment and job-specific competencies.

How are video interviews assessed?

One way to do this is manual reviewing with an interview evaluation form. You can use a scoring scale and include your comments. If you prefer to streamline this process, opt for smart video interviewing platforms like VireUp.

After a candidate uploads their recorded video, such platforms assess it against behavioral, technical and job-specific criteria. VireUp AI also examines their English speaking levels.

Explainable AI gives you the applicant’s interview transcripts and reasons for its unbiased evaluation. Your only job is to review the detailed ranking at the end.

What are the benefits of video assessment?

The main benefits of video assessment interviews include:

  • Time savings for both candidates and employers
  • Reduced transportation costs for applicants
  • Global reach, particularly valuable for remote positions

If you opt for a tool like VireUp, you also get additional advantages, like:

  • Automatic sentence-by-sentence bias-free interview analysis
  • The ability to interview all applicants
  • Candidate coaching level feedback
  • Spoken English evaluation