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UK Government unveils framework to navigate AI opportunities and challenges

As countries worldwide draft AI regulations, the UK seeks to lead the international conversation. The UK government has announced a comprehensive framework to address the opportunities and challenges presented by AI. The framework aims to harness the transformative power of AI while ensuring responsible development and building public trust in its use.

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We graduated from Startup Wise Guys SaaS Milan!

We spent five intense months covering ALL entrepreneurial subjects including but not limited to sales demos, investor pitches, product design, marketing plans, and sales strategies while we were running a tech startup!

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VireUp: TIARA 2023 Talent Tech Star Awards Finalist

We have reached the finals in the prestigious Tiara Tech Talent Awards in not one but two hugely important fields: "The DE&I Solution Of The Year" and "The Talent Tech Innovation Award (< 30 Employees)". We look forward to the big day, June 29th!

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VireUp secures investment from Startup Wise Guys

VireUp, which digitizes companies’ recruitment processes with its natural language processing technology and analyzes candidate interviews on a sentence basis, completed its first investment round.

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AI-Powered Video Interview Platform VireUp Raises Funds at $4.1M Valuation

VireUp an AI-powered automated video interview and training platform, has recently received an undisclosed amount in funding from Estonia-based Startup Wise Guys and angel investors at a $4.1 million (£3.3 million) valuation, according to a report. The London-based company plans to utilize the fresh capital to improve its algorithms, introduce new products and scale up services in targeted markets.

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The inclusive, unbiased Artificial Intelligence powered interview platform revolutionises recruitment (

VireUp's AI-powered automated interview platform helps recruiters make fast, well-informed, data-driven, and unbiased decisions while providing a fair opportunity and a more rewarding experience for the applicants.

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Can AI technology provide the solution to eliminating bias from recuitment?

A 2019 report carried out by McKinsey identified that companies in the upper 25% for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are "more likely to have financial returns absove their national industry medians."

Editor's Choice of Startup Istanbul

Recruitment tools such as CVs, cover letters and tests have been around since ages. However, only 2% of applicants are interviewed and nobody gets feedback. VireUp’s solution is to interview ALL applicants, analyse what they say and compare with job requirements in an unbiased and standardized way.

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How Procurement teams are leading the way in resolving the country’s recruitment challenges

Since the pandemic and Brexit, the issues facing businesses around recruitment have been compounded. Central is the challenge of labour shortages across almost the entire market. We all well aware of the impact of these shortages on Logistics and Supply Chain. To combat this issue, businesses are significantly ramping up their recruitment campaigns in order to attract large numbers of people to apply for openings.

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Yapay zeka tabanlı otomatik video mülakat platformu (Webrazzi)

Adayların video mülakatta sorulara verdiği cevapları analiz ederek pozisyona ne kadar uygun olduğunu raporlayan VireUp, işverenlerin adaylar arasında seçim yaparken en uygun adayları hızlıca seçmelerine olanak tanıyor.