What is so good about automated video interviews?

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Easier scheduling

On average 250 people apply to any given job opening.

To make the example less intimidating, let’s assume you want to interview 50 people. Imagine the complexity of aligning on the availability of the applicants AND the interviewers.

If candidates have a chance to take the interview any time they want, they will have less stress and distraction. They can focus really on the content of their responses.

Similarly, the recruiters can have a chance to condense the job opening and closing dates to a shorter period of time and accelerate the recruitment process.

Especially in prescreening and round one stages, one way interviews can accelerate and streamline the process.

Avoiding travel and physical contact

Thanks to video interviews now it is possible to interview applicants from all over the world and pick the most suitable talent. The job seekers do not have to take time off from work and go through the hassle of travel under time and budget limitations.

And of course for the recruiters, the process can be easier, cheaper and faster since they do not need to worry about the logistics of bringing many people in.

Especially in the post Covid-19 world, ability to do business without travel and unnecessary physical contact is a fundamental health and safety requirement rather than a luxury or perk.

Investing the energy for face to face interaction only to the best applicants Let's face it: Despite the amazing technological advances, human interaction will not be and maybe even should not be replaced by AI in the foreseeable future. There is massive value in human intuition and AI should serve to use precious human intelligence and emotions in the right recruitment stage.

So after all the process improvements, the face to face interaction should be reserved for the top ranking candidates that are much more likely to be considered by human interviewers.


When interviews are recorded, you can share the videos, transcripts and analysis with other colleagues and get their input as well. It can become a team exercise where everybody works on the same material.

Utilization of data and avoiding waste of human effort

Every year millions of people are interviewed for various job openings all over the world. Most of these conversations are not captured properly. Can you imagine the amount of effort wasted? With automated video interviews, it is possible to capture interview responses accurately. This way the relevant insights can be stored and retrieved when needed.

As long as the questions are relevant and the interview is not from too far back, it is even possible to consider candidates alternative job openings that they are not even aware of.