Step by Step through a typical VireUp recruitment project – that harnesses AI to eliminate bias, reduce cycle time and drive standardisation.

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Many recruiters are sceptical that AI can really eliminate bias from recruitment and fear that using AI will be super-complicated and impossible to understand.

These reservations are completely understandable. There are well-reported studies on how some algorithms can drive bias. And there is a (correct) perception that AI does clever things in the background that those of us without a PhD in Software Engineering won’t understand.

These reservations don’t apply to VireUp. To illustrate, here is a step-by-step guide through a typical VireUp project; which is a recruitment project where there is a large – often geographically-dispersed applicant pool.

  1. VireUp team member agrees with client hiring manager (or HR) the technical/behavioural competencies to be evaluated and agrees the interview questions. These can be from the VireUp bank of professional questions or we can use your company interview questions that your organisation is familiar with.

  2. VireUp consultants upload interview evaluation criteria to the VireUp system as reference for the AI to use.

  3. The client launches the candidate attraction campaign. All respondents are provided with a link to the VireUp online interview.

  4. VireUp technology interviews every single applicant against the pre-agreed questions/criteria and transcribes each and every candidate response. It then scores/ranks all the answers down to sentence/concept level.

  5. Client reviews results (a few short days after application deadline) via a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard shows the ranking of all the applicants and the scores can be drilled into. Every score is understandable and transparent. And the scoring is correlated with a huge number of indicators, far more than any human-being could handle in a person-to-person interview.

  6. The client team evaluates the results and decides on a shortlist to invite forward. And this decision can be made before anyone sees the candidate, hears the candidate, looks at their CV or even knows their name! So no bias! VireUp can handle the rejections as well, providing every applicant with useful coaching feedback.

With VireUp a huge, complicated, unwieldy, lengthy recruitment project becomes super-charged, almost effortless and results in powerful, understandable data on which to make unbiased shortlisting decisions.

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