How Recruitment Technology Can Solve Staff Shortages?

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Why are companies still using clunky recruitment technology and complicated processes to identify talent when there are serious challenges around availability of candidates?

We all know that many sectors are having serious problems due to staff shortages - no doubt a proportion of people reading this are stranded at airports right now!

It seems to me that it is critical that companies modify their recruitment processes to adapt to this new reality... and fast!

Most providers in the recruitment space aim to “hone down” the candidate pool and target candidates who are “perfect” for the role.

How about, instead of using clunky, often biased, key word searches and tests to sift the applicant pool, we focus on transferable skills/capabilities and trainability and give every applicant the opportunity to evidence this at interview?

How about we get rid of the requirement for candidates to have the perfectly drafted CV or spend hours writing cover letters or performing irrelevant, often biased, ability tests.

Applicants just want an interview and feedback. They get put off by elongated processes with multiple steps. Companies can't afford to put candidates off in this market.

Wouldn't it be great if there was technology that could?

  • Interview every applicant for a role
  • Interview everyone against professional competency-based questions - competencies like; customer focus, decision making, planning, results orientation, trainability.
  • Score every candidate against multiple identical behavioural indicators down to concept level
  • Rank every applicant

And wouldn't it be great if the hiring company/manager could drill into the ranking and understand why candidates have scored as they have (no mysterious complicated spooky algorithm here) and make a decision on who to shortlist before:

  • Seeing the candidate
  • Hearing the candidate
  • Looking at the candidate CV
  • Knowing the candidate's name
  • Totally eliminating bias!

And...wouldn't it be great if this entire cycle could be completed within days of the application deadline, with no requirement to modify in-house technology or train users - dramatically reducing cost.

And...wouldn't it be great if every candidate, regardless of whether they are selected, could get useful coaching feedback?

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